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Who and Why


Inspired by necessity and born from the sweat of our brow.

What started as a simple dream to personally complete a project bike turned into a passion to help others make their own dreams tangible.   


Why Rock Hard?

We realize you have a few options here in the mid-south, but we seek to make your choice a bit easier. Our market niche is anything from motorcycles down to anything smaller.  With 40 plus years in various industries, particularly the coatings industry, we understand that preparation to any sub-straight is fundamental to quality finishes. We aren't the biggest powder coater in town, but aren't you really looking for the best? That's why Rock Hard is your solution.  


Powder Coating?

Powder coating has become an industry standard in automotive and motorcycle finishes. It provides a level of durability and quality that just cannot be matched by your traditional paint. The beauty of this product is that it's not just limited to a vehicle and its parts but can be applied to anything your imagination can dream up. We specialize in motorcycle finishing but will never turn you down if it will fit in the oven. If we can't achieve your hopes, then we will work with you to provide a solution or point you to someone that can. Either way, you'll leave with a smile and some new friends. We know you'll come back. POWDER ON.   

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